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Toy Passport

... essential travel document for the "other" members of the family

When you travel abroad you definitely need a passport which issued 
by our own national passport authority. However, you may want to travel with "other" members of the family or your kids usually wants to  travel with their favourite toy or buddy - a teddy bear, a fluffy bunny, the cheeky tiger, a ladybug pillow or any favourite doll. Until now, there was no form of identification for these subjects.
Similar to "Human Citizen's Passport". This passport is strictly for your toy or best buddy.

• Initial Page (Ownership)
• Identity Page
• Lost & Found Contact Page
• 20 Total Pages ( 17 Blank Pages )

(Passport Size Photo of the toy should be 45mm x 35mm Or 4.5 x 3.5 cm and should be attach on the reply email upon receiving the confirmation email of your order) 

Dog PassportToy PassportToy PassportToy Passport
Toy PassportToy PassportToy PassportToy Passport
Toy PassportToy PassportToy Passport

Toy Passport
Toy Passport/Buddy Passport
Price: $20.00

My Toy Passport
Cover Colour
Pages Colour
Toy Owner
Family Name (Toy)
Given Name(s) (Toy)
Place of Birth (Toy)
Date of Birth (Toy)
Distinguishing Features (Toy)
Lost & Found Contact (Parents Name/Email/Contact No.)

• Toy Passport(s) will be process immediately after the payment has been received. Postage cost will be included in the invoice. 
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